Sunday, 9 September 2007

The Great Gathering

This year's All Mandala Retreat was a huge success, with some 1,800 students visiting Lerab Ling for three weeks of teachings and practice.

Sogyal Rinpoche taught every day of the retreat, focusing in particular on bodhichitta and the four thoughts.

Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche (pictured right) visited Lerab Ling during the retreat and gave five days of teachings to students following the Three Year Retreat. He also gave a lung (oral transmission) of a text to the All Mandala Retreatants, as well as a short teaching.

The All Mandala Retreat culminated in a tenshyuk (long life ceremony) for Sogyal Rinpoche, offered by his students.

On the final day, at the request of those living in far away places and those in small Rigpa centres where Rinpoche has not the opportunity to visit very often, Rinpoche granted a brief Tendrel Nyesel empowerment for all sangha members which was streamed via the internet to Rigpa centres worldwide.

The terma of Tendrel Nyesel was revealed by Tertön Sogyal, Lerab Lingpa and to receive an empowerment from his direct incarnation, Sogyal Rinpoche, is in deed a great honour. Sogyal Rinpoche gives formal empowerments extremely rarely, but the right auspicious circumstances prevailed on this day.


Melle Kramer said...

The video compilation we saw in the center was breathtaking! It just felt like we where actually there, what an atmosphere... Touching and enormously empowering!

eribel said...

The photo of Sogyal Rinpoche is really amazing and beautiful...Thank you.