Friday, 7 March 2008

Rinpoche teaches Australian Business and Community Leaders in Sydney

At the seventh annual Practical Wisdom Retreat in Sydney this year, forty-five business and community leaders gathered at the Royal Motor Yacht Club overlooking Sydney Harbour for one and a half days of teachings with Sogyal Rinpoche (7-8 March 2008). For some of the participants, this was their first introduction to Rinpoche and Tibetan Buddhism. However, about two-thirds of the participants had attended previous Practical Wisdom Retreats with Rinpoche and were inspired to return once again this year.

Rinpoche taught several times throughout the Retreat, giving instruction on meditation. He also shared teachings of the Buddha on how to use meditation to directly face and overcome difficulties and negative emotions like anger, in both the personal and professional lives of the participants.

All the participants expressed enormous gratitude for the opportunity to receive these precious teachings and many of those who have attended Practical Wisdom Retreats in past years said how important they have been in changing their personal lives and helping them in their leadership roles.

The first Practical Wisdom Retreat was held in Sydney in 2002. Since then, the number of students has grown consistently each year, from twelve in 2002 to twenty-six in 2006 to forty-five in 2008.

The Practical Wisdom programme aims to bring the teachings of the Buddha to people who, because of their position as leaders in the community, are able to have a beneficial influence in the world. The participants are personally invited into the programme and they come from the business world, as well as from community, arts, non-profit and philanthropic organisations. In addition to the annual Practical Wisdom Retreat, some of the participants meet once a month to watch teachings and to study and practise together. These sessions are led by senior Rigpa instructors.

Practical Wisdom and some of the programme's participants, have given substantial support to Sogyal Rinpoche's activities over the last few years, including sponsoring students to attend the Three Year Retreat at Lerab Ling, donating to the Terton Sogyal Trust Endowment Fund, and supporting various Rigpa Australia activities including the Australian Building Fund. This year Practical Wisdom will also support the Tenzin Gyatso Institute in the USA and the Spiritual Care Centre at Dzogchen Beara in Ireland.


A Tibetan said...

No mention on this 'news' blog of the situation in Tibet. Maybe it doesn't interest Rigpa students.

Adam said...

Dear Tibetan,

Thank you for your comments. This blog specifically covers the activity of Rigpa and Sogyal Rinpoche. And although we have been deeply concerned by events in Tibet and are directing our prayers and practices towards a peaceful resolution, we have not reported this so far here. Rigpa students are certainly very interested in following the situation in Tibet, and I am covering almost nothing else on my personal blog:

With very best wishes,