Saturday, 2 August 2008

Spiritual Care Centre at Dzogchen Beara Completed!

During the annual summer retreat at Rigpa's retreat centre in Ireland, Dzogchen Beara, Sogyal Rinpoche was given the key to the new Care Centre, which has just been completed there. The official opening of the Centre will take place in April 2009.

The new Dzogchen Beara Spiritual Care Centre will provide a home away from home for people who are living with illness or facing death, in an environment of peace and outstanding natural beauty.

It will provide an opportunity to take time out, either alone or accompanied by family and friends, to spend quality time with oneself and loved ones, to rest, reflect and find meaning and solace. The Centre will be open to people from all walks of life and religious belief.

Sogyal Rinpoche said of the Centre:

Dzogchen Beara will be one of the first places where we can actually provide an environment in which those who are nearing death may come here to find time to reflect; to come to terms with their life. And I hope slowly to be able to provide that kind of space where everybody can find their own spirituality here; find themselves, find understanding and really be able to find meaning in life and then hope in death.

The Care Centre is a project of Rigpa's International Spiritual Care Education Programme. Inspired by Sogyal Rinpoche's groundbreaking The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. The Education Programme offers public workshops on facing and preparing for death, and training seminars for selected qualified carers that the Education Programme. These courses, and a new comprehensive accredited course in contemplative caregiving, will be held in the new Centre.

Artist rendering of the Spiritual Care Centre at Dzogchen Beara

The shrine room in the new Centre

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