Thursday, 21 May 2009

More than 650 people attend Sogyal Rinpoche's Public Talk in Berlin

On Wednesday, 19 May, Sogyal Rinpoche gave a public talk in Berlin attended by more than 650 people, 300 of whom had never met Rinpoche before. In his extraordinary teaching on profound methods of meditation, Rinpoche touched the hearts of many.

One of the new students said afterwards:

"I felt as if Rinpoche was speaking to me directly.
To bring one’s mind home is really something special. He has given me a lot to think about.
He showed clearly that to turn my mind inwardly is something that only I myself can, and have to, do!"

Another student said:

"Rinpoche's public talk was, simply, a perfect teaching. It was all-encompassing, and the way Rinpoche wonderfully linked the Buddha's teachings to our daily lives was extremely helpful and practical. He completely transformed the atmosphere in the auditorium to something peaceful and tangible."

The four-day (21-24 May) meditation retreat in Rigpa's Berlin Centre is now underway. Stay tuned for more news and pictures from that event.

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