Monday, 25 May 2009

Remembering François Calmès

All of us in Rigpa were deeply saddened yesterday to learn of the death of François Calmès on Saturday 23rd May following a long illness. François was among the first students of Sogyal Rinpoche in France, and contributed greatly to the development of Rigpa France. In the early days he served both as Sogyal Rinpoche’s assistant and translator. At one time he was the general secretary of the French Tibetan Buddhist Union and taught at the European Buddhist University in Paris. He was well known and respected for his intelligence and erudition, as well as his sense of humour. For those who understand French, here is a clip of François appearing on the French TV programme Voix Bouddhistes presented by Catherine Barry:

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Anonymous said...

Today, 6th of june, one day after great day here in Holland with HH Dalai Lama and Sogyal Rinpoche, I now read about Francois's death. Just as Tineke B. he died on a monday,25 of Mai. I'm also sad that Francois died and we'were not able to say goodbye...and truth, I also loved him so much for his kindness, warmth, love and humor. A great friend, very beautiful example of humanity...with thanks for all his good loving deeds...and deepest wishes of shared grief and very auspicious conditions for a good rebirth...just as Rinpoche and he himself wishes for him. Marlou van Hoorn