Saturday, 29 August 2009

Rigpé Yeshé Rite of Passage Ceremony at Lerab Ling

Last week, at the end of the All Mandala Retreat at Lerab Ling, the children who had been participating in the Rigpé Yeshé programme throughout the retreat put on a show and completed their Rites of Passage.

Rigpé Yeshé is an association of parents and educators of the Rigpa sangha. The association holds a series of programmes for children during the main summer retreats in Lerab Ling and co-ordinates Rigpé Yeshé activities worldwide.

Mayum Tsering Wangmo during the Rites of Passage ceremony

Rigpé Yeshé programmes cultivate mindfulness and give the children a good grounding in values education.

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Photos by Bart de Natris)

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cristina said...

It was a very touching ceremony. Thank you for share the photos with all of us.
How can i get Rinpoché´s photo with the children at the teaching the gave them?
Thank you.