Friday, 25 September 2009

Watch Sogyal Rinpoche teach: Happiness is up to you!

Sogyal Rinpoche (centre, front row) and the conference speakers and organizers in Killarney.
Photograph by Chinch Gryniewicz

At the Rigpa conference, Compassion and Presence: Spiritual Care for the Living and Dying, held in April 2009 in Killarney, Ireland, eight hundred people, including hundreds of health care professionals and caregivers from around world, heard Sogyal Rinpoche's profound teachings on how meditation can help us to meet the challenges that we face in our lives today.

Rinpoche taught that, in order to truly be able to help others, we need to work with our own minds, which begins with the practice of meditation. He said:

As the cloud-like thoughts and emotions fade away through meditation, the sky-like nature of our true being is revealed, and, shining from it, our buddha nature, like the sun. And, just as both light and warmth blaze from the sun, wisdom and loving compassion radiate out from the mind's innermost nature.

To read more about the conference, which was organised by Rigpa's Spiritual Care Education Programme, go to

Watch a short extract from Rinpoche's teaching, The Heart of Compassion.

You can order a DVD of the full teaching from ZAM, the Rigpa shop.

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