Friday, 22 January 2010

Help the people of Haiti

Avalokiteshvara, Buddha of Compassion
(image courtesy of Lama Tsondru Sangpo)

Here is a letter from a Rigpa sangha member to each and every one of of us.

I am writing about the critical situation the people in Haiti are currently facing.

Haiti is a country I have loved so much. I lived there for 4 years whilst working for the United Nations in the field of human rights and justice, and during that time I got to know so many people who I still hold dear in my heart. Many people, both Haitians and people from different parts of the world, who were dedicated to working for peace.

The capital, Port-au-Prince, has been completely devastated and there are ex colleagues and friends of mine who have lost their lives under the ruins. The situation the people there are now facing is tremendously sad. There are no words to express it.

I think that if we want to do something to help alleviate the suffering in the world, we should try to support Haiti now! Just to look at the situation brings so much pain. I wanted to share this pain with you because the Haitians really need our help.

They need our prayers and our support. They need our compassion to help them find their way to a better future and a more lasting happiness. I am also sure any donations we make now will benefit the people in Haiti.

I really wanted to share this message and encourage people to make prayers and where possible to donate to the relief effort.

One really reliable organization working on the ground in Haiti is the Red Cross, and it is to them that I would recommend making donations.

The Red Cross is among the first to have been able to actually deliver aid since 12 January. The Canadian section of the Red Cross is known to be very effective in Haiti in times of disaster; both because of the geographic proximity of the two countries and because of the important Haitian community established in Montreal.

If you would like to donate to the Red Cross appeal then you can click on the links below.

With all my love

Marie-Claude Nielly

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