Thursday, 13 May 2010

First 5-day retreat with Sogyal Rinpoche in the Dutch capital

From 5 to 9 May 2010, 500 people gathered for the first 5-day retreat with Sogyal Rinpoche in Amsterdam. Of those, 140 people were new to Rigpa.  As the retreat unfolded, Rinpoche showed us how to be with the mind more and more, creating a wonderful atmosphere.

A student new to Rigpa commented:
What touched me was that we all have Buddha nature which is as open as the blue sky above the clouds and that there is nothing that can damage it.  What a liberating knowledge! I was new here and truly warmly received. I want to thank everyone with my whole heart for this.
 And another said:
Rinpoche was so warm and loving and joyful and so powerful in the teachings. From loving advice to someone on their deathbed, to loudly singing Happy Birthday, from a teaching to a circle of mothers and babies to an incredible demonstration of the nature of mind. I feel as if, in one day, I've been around the world seven times with Rinpoche!
When Rinpoche left he promised to come back next year for another retreat.

(Photos courtesy of Jeroen Top)

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