Saturday, 12 February 2011

Vajrakilaya Drupchö and Losar Practices at Lerab Ling

Photo by Victoria von Flemming
 This year Lerab Ling is inviting all sangha members to participate in a Vajrakilaya Drupchö and other practices that are performed traditionally around the start of the Tibetan New Year (Losar) on the 5th of March. Students who are unable to travel to Lerab Ling are warmly invited to participate in theses practices by making a donation.

Yang Nying Pudri (Vajrakilaya) Drupchö: Starting on Dakini Day, Sunday February 27th. The practices conclude with 'receiving the siddhis’ on Losar, Saturday March 5th.
Photo by Thomas Fries 
Riwo Sangchö Intensive: A three-day Riwo Sangchö Intensive will be held in Lerab Ling starting on Sunday 6 March and concluding on Tuesday 8 March.

Tertön Sogyal Anniversary Practice Day: In honour of Tertön Sogyal's Anniversary, a whole day of intensive practise will be held in Lerab Ling.

Dedicate your offering: Once you have made your donation on line you will receive confirmation email with a link to our special dedication page. Here you can submit a personal dedication that will be projected on the screens in the Lerab Ling temple during the practices.

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