Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Healing Power of Meditation

In 2010 a group of scientists, health-care professionals, and meditation teachers came together for a groundbreaking conference on meditation and health. Over two days, twelve of the leading figures in this field, presented some of the latest scientific and medical studies, shared Buddhist perspectives on meditation and the mind, and gave firsthand accounts of how meditation is being applied in health care today.

Each presentation has now been published in the new book, The Healing Power of Meditation, published by Shambhala publications, and includes Sogyal Rinpoche’s talk, Understanding the Mind and Meditation: A Buddhist Approach to Well-Being.

The book is available directly from Shambhala immediately or for pre-order from Zam, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and IndieBound. In fact, Sogyal Rinpoche’s chapter can be read in full using the ‘Browse Inside‘ function available on the Shambhala site.

About the Book

Regular meditation practice can change the structure of the brain, wiring into us all kinds of benefits: improved concentration, contentment, resilience, better mental health, and more empathy and compassion. This wide-ranging anthology brings together leading Tibetan Buddhist teachers with researchers and health professionals to offer Buddhist perspectives on the mind, new studies, and first-hand accounts of how meditation is being applied in health and social care today.

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